One issue of primary concern to all homeowners trying to sell their home is, “How do I make sure my property is seen by the maximum number of people?” Of equal importance probably should be, “How do I make sure the maximum number of people who are motivated or likely to buy my home see my property?”

The answers to both questions lie with the real estate professionals you entrust to sell your home and the extensive network of listings they use to access properties throughout Barbados. The real estate professionals are your realtors and the network is called the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®).  Realtors are experts, trained and licensed in the field of real estate, who help people buy and sell homes.  The professional association of realtors in Barbados is the Barbados Estate Agent and Valuers Association (BEAVA)*.  The future of realtors in Barbados will be to meet the criteria to become members of BEAVA which operates the MLS® system. 

Realtors are experts in determining what a potential buyer wants in a home — and a large part of the realtor’s job lies in finding properties that meet a buyer’s needs.  Using the MLS®, a realtor can search the database for homes that suit budgets, location preferences and family requirements, and quickly put together a short list of suitable homes. This means that when the time comes to view homes in earnest, buyers know exactly which homes they want to see, what their options are and what types of properties the market has to offer. What’s good for the buyer is also good for the seller. 

So, when you have made the decision to sell, make sure you ask your realtor about an MLS® listing. It could be that your realtor will already know a number of potential buyers, but listing your home on MLS® will ensure wide exposure of your home to a broad range of interested people.


*As the professional organization of realtors in Barbados, BEAVA recognizes those agents who have met the qualifications to be a member of BEAVA.  Once members, these agents are bound by the duties imposed by its Code of Ethics. While BEAVA has implemented a system of monitoring and policing the industry to increase public confidence and to ensure the integrity of its members, it is the duty of the real estate agent or valuer that he/she is well informed of current market listings and conditions in order to advise his/her client on the best properties to view that would meet their criteria, or the fair market price to list their property.

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