Estimated Costs for Conveyance Transaction

Estimated Costs for Conveyance Transaction

Disclaimer: These are Statutory Fees according to the Legal Profession (Remuneration for Non-Contentious Business) Rules 1997 and these fees are charged on the basis of the time spent by the Attorney and the responsibility undertaken, which prescribe minimum attorney’s fees for non-contentious matters. These fees represent a sliding scale and we would advise that you consult your Legal Representative to get a quotation of the estimated fees as required.

 1) Agreement for the Sale and Purchase of Land

  For building estates- $250
  Other agreements- $400


  For building estates- $300
  Other agreements- $600

2)  Sale and Purchase of Land

For preparing and completing conveyance of unregistered land (excluding conveyances under the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act)


Up to $25000                                                                                $750

On the next $75000                                                                         2%

On the next $100 000                                                                   1.5%

On the next $300 000                                                                  1.25%

Thereafter                                                                                         1%      

Registered land two-thirds of the scale above


Up to $25 000                                                                               $1000

On the next $75 000                                                                       2.5%

On the next $100 000                                                                     1.5%

On the next $300 000                                                                    1.25%

Thereafter                                                                                           1%

Registered Land one-third of the scale above


VAT @ 17.5% is to be added to the total.

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